Reasons For A Trainer Cleaning Professional.

  • TRAINER CLEANING PRO’S   •   December 09, 2020

It’s the deep mid-winter, the weather forecast was incorrect, and promptly your favourite pair of black Gucci trainers has been wrecked thanks to the downpour. But are they really as bad as you think?

What customarily might be a horrific event could, in reality, be curtailed with a trip to the Sneaker Cleaner. A professional shoe and trainer cleaning service covering Kent & London. There are numerous reasons why a trainer cleaning service is entirely worth the time and money – here are the best three.


When repairing luxury trainers and footwear, it exclusively makes sense to utilise a combination of trainer repair products of the same quality.

Such high calibre of trainer cleaning products aren’t common knowledge, and so only the specialists can genuinely know which products will be best suited to restore a treasured pair of black Balenciaga’s to their original status of luxury and eminence.

It’s worth heeding too that only sneaker cleaning services and specialists will know how to correctly use the right cleaning tools.

  • “hands-free’ delivery”

  • Protective Gloves Used

  • Immaculate Facility

For your confidence and reassurance, our immaculate facility at The Ironing Shop is run by a family team, and we adhere to the strictest standards of hygiene in every situation.

We have always taken the treatment of all goods with the utmost seriousness. In light of the current health concerns, we can confirm that a deep clean is a taking place at the beginning and end of each working day, and protective gloves are worn during every stage of the process.


Any premium quality shoe and trainer cleaning service will inescapably get to know an extensive assortment of sneaker labels during their trade. Whether it be a pair of Louboutin or some vintage Addidas, a real expert can identify and appreciate the materials and luxury of any supplied brand. This signifies they can adhere to the brand’s ethos and artistic intuition when repairing designer footwear.


Chances are, if someone attempted to manage a Chanel trainer restoration on their own, it would begin boundless measures of stress while taking much more time than it needs to. Choosing a trainer restoration service to do the job for you guarantees that there’s no anxiety on your behalf. It can be performed in as little time as feasible – so you’ll be swaggering on the street like it was a catwalk runway again in an instant!


The Sneaker Cleaner is a proficient, reliable and passionate shoe and trainer cleaning service ready to provide trainer restoration Kent and London areas. Our team put the most significant attention and reverence into each individual shoe. You can wear your prised designer kicks with pride and confidence once again. Better to be safe than sorry!

The Sneaker Cleaner has the specialists, the products and the devotion to restore your trainers back to their past glory.

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