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Looking for a laundry service Chislehurst? The local area is stocked full of cheerful, well-dressed and smart people. A dress is not your definitive personality, but it unquestionably adds more to your charming character. While dirt, sweat and stains are inescapable, they can be flawlessly washed off your posh frocks and office attire.

You might be pondering, “Where can I get a laundry service near me?”.

No need to worry, The Ironing Shop Laundry is right here to help!
In case you are perpetually occupied with your daily projects and taking charge of your laundry appears too much to cope with. At The Ironing Shop Laundry, we will be glad to do it for you.

You may be cautious about giving your clothes away to someone else. This feeling is perfectly natural. Mainly when the bulk of the clothes these days come along with loads of stipulations, such as no machine washing or use of detergents.

As the local area’s longest-standing laundry service, we have thrived for more than two decades.
This is due to the confidence that our open plan work area gives our clientele. We are also fully insured.
This seems to be somewhat of a rarity these days as many inferior services pop up where you never really know who and where your prized article’s of clothing are taken.

The Ironing Shop is family run business Les, Alex and The Team, use only commercial machinery for the best possible professional finish to your dirty laundry.

Too busy to clean your take your dirty clothes down the high street? Well, you might be looking for collection and delivery laundry service near you. Our reliable drivers will arrive at your doorstep, pick your stuff and deliver back to you on time.

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Who Can I Pick For Laundry Near Me?

We are not ashamed to boast that we are the best at laundry Chislehurst has. As the local area’s longest-standing laundry and ironing service, we have thrived for more than two decades.

  • Domestic & Commercial

  • Delivered To Your Door

  • Professional Service

  • Highest Standards

  • Hassle Free

  • Competitive Rates

  • Family Run Buisness

  • The Best In The Area

  • FREE Parking

  • Drop Off Service

  • Trust Worthy

  • Fully Insured

Our Services
Dry Cleaning Collection & Deilvery Chislehurst -

Laundry Ready For Your Business Trip ???

You can focus on your presentations and business documents and we’ll make sure your laundry is done, and you turn up to your business meeting looking sharp

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All Items Checked

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Suits And Business Wear

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Other Important Items

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We Fold Your Clothes

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Don’t Forget Your Passport

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Your Ready To Go

Local Laundry Shops Chislehurst

We appreciate your garments, curtains or other collections of fabrics, mean a lot to you. Our local laundry shop workers are very accustomed to the increased availability of fabrics and take complete care during the cleaning process. You can trust us with your delicate and valued garments, and we guarantee to give you the laundry delivery inside the anticipated time frame.

As a consequence, we will pick up your dirty laundry from your door and deliver your clothes back to you, rejuvenated freshness. So whether it is a shirt, denim jacket, curtain, wedding gown, or dinner dresses, we are at the ready to get them hand cleaned with care.

We Make Laundry Simple

Simple Pick up Time, Schedule a laundry collection. Easily arrange collection & delivery times at your convenience. Sit back and relax.

We come to get your laundry and get it cleaned inside 24 hours.

Savour Clean Clothes

Your clothes are back with you – all clean and ready for action.

OUR Mission

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not totally satisfied with the wash or dry cleaning

It’s fast!

We collect, wash, & deliver in 24 hours.

Cleaner & Greener

We operate with the environment in mind. No harsh chemicals.

High quality

We work tirelessly to make sure that the clothes you get back are spotless and ready to wear.

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The service is excellent! A high standard of ironing with the added bonus of a pick up and deliver back service. Very competitive prices. It’s an absolute weight of my mind that my ironing is done for the family by The Ironing Shop. I couldn’t be without it. Would highly recommend!

Lisa Chapman

Professional Shirt Laundry Chislehurst

Is it tiresome to take the bundle of dirty shirts to the laundry shop? Then why bother? The Ironing Shop Laundry will do all of it, on your behalf cheerfully.

On receiving your order, the cleaning team spends close consideration to the fabrics delivered to them. It carefully applies techniques to bring back the freshness into your shirts. Our equipment keeps your shirts spread throughout the cleaning process, to prevent any possibility of shrinkage. The clean shirts are then ironed to perfection with no creases.

We know the shirts you wear to work, shop or your day to day life add to your confidence and character. This is why we return them back to you on a hanger. To ensure they are entirely wrinkle-free.

020 8295 0771

Our Laundry Story

The Ironing Shop is Family run business Les, Alex and The Team, use only commercial laundry machinery for the best possible professional finish.

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Professional Dry Cleaning And Laundry Services

Versatile laundry collection and delivery times mean you don’t have to get stressed with the rush hour to beat the traffic before closing time.

We Collect, Clean And Deliver Straight To Your Door !!!