Ironing & Laundry Collections- COVID-19 Update From The Ironing Shop

  • COVID-19   •   March 18, 2020

Les, Alex & The Team hope this email finds you safe and well. By now you would have most certainly heard that the Corona-virus has taken the UK by storm.

In addition to the medical aspects, the outbreak has had the unexpected but equally devastating effect of turning the general public into toilet roll hoarding zombies. As COVID-19 anxieties rise, we are likely to see many more home deliveries and collections taking place.

Plan ahead and ask others for help

As consumers avoid physical retail stores if and when they are advised to self-isolate. With GOV.UK telling self-isolating individuals to take advantage of delivery services to manage duties for them. Due to Coronavirus, booking online ironing or laundry collection appears relatively reasonable.

This is just a note to say that we are here, as always, and ready to minimise risk to not only our customers but our collection teams also. A major benefit to our customers is the peace of mind that our Ironing Shop is clean and they know where there items are going. Unlike many Ironing business’s we do not send your clothes to workers that are based in their living rooms undertaking work whilst watching Eastenders on catch up.

All of our laundry services are carried out at our premises, with high standards and precautions taken.

  • “hands-free’ delivery”

  • Protective Gloves Used

  • Immaculate Facility

For your confidence and reassurance, our immaculate facility at The Ironing Shop is run by a family team, and we adhere to the strictest standards of hygiene in every situation.

We have always taken the treatment of all goods with the utmost seriousness. In light of the current health concerns, we can confirm that a deep clean is a taking place at the beginning and end of each working day, and protective gloves are worn during every stage of the process.

How do germs get onto clothes and towels?

Germs on clothes and towels can originate from our own bodies. We all possess bacteria on the exterior of our skin, inside our noses and inside our stomach. These are usually harmless, but some can create an infection, expressly in somebody with skin problems or cuts. Most germs cannot enter through healthy skin but may harmlessly colonise it. Washing your hands a lot is destined to be significantly more influential than clothes washing at restricting most infections.

Underwear is more prone to have germs on it than outside clothes like jumpers or trousers. Underwear may harbour germs from traces of excrement (poo) and from genital infections, such as thrush. However, you can also accumulate up germs on your exterior clothes, for example, if you nurse someone with sickness or mop up vomit. Germs can also get on outer clothing if you touch tainted food or sweep against a soiled article. Most germs can remain on fabrics for some time unless cleaned thoroughly.

How to stop clothes spreading germs?

Regular washing of clothes will lessen the risk of germs being spread. In some situations, clothes should be cleaned at higher than average temperatures and with a bleach-based product to decrease the transmission risk as much as feasible. If you would like a ‘hands-free’ delivery, please notify us either by phone or on our online collection form. Every delivery will be handled using protective gloves and assembled in a strict Coronavirus free environment, without exception.

Our very best wishes

Les Alex & The Ironing Shop Team.

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