How to Give your Trainers a Longer Life

  • How to Give your Trainers a Longer Life   •   December 09, 2020

If you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on a costly pair of designer trainers, the likelihoods are you’ll require them to last for several years to come.

To ensure your trainers stay looking as pristine as the day you purchased them, heed these manageable suggestions.

How to Give your Trainers a Longer Life

Wear sole protectors

The first spot you’ll detect any wear and tear on your trainers is on their soles, so it’s essential to protect them against damage by adding a sole adhesive protector.

Stuff Them

To make sure that your trainers retain their shape, it’s a great approach to buy a wooden shoe tree to keep the shoes expanded. This will also restrict creasing and allow the leather to breathe. Shoe trees also help to absorb any moisture or sweat, which might smell offensive and prematurely age your footwear.

Suppose you have a more extensive assortment of designer trainers and aren’t prepared to invest in shoe trees. In that case, stuffing them with an ample quantity of newspaper is a great option.

Store them in dust bags

If you’ve bought an expensive pair of trainers, they likely came in their own dust bag. Don’t throw this away, as dust bags are helpful to protect your trainers from damage induced by exposure to the sun, moisture, dust and colour transferal. They are also beneficial to use to wipe down your trainers when they’ve gathered dirt without harming them. If you don’t have a dust bag or have thrown it out, a pillowcase will serve just as well.

Get them regularly professionally cleaned.

Routinely taking your trainers to be cleaned by a professional trainer cleaning service will guarantee that any lingering blemishes or marks that could conceivably produce long-term damage are extracted swiftly and that your trainers can stay looking their absolute best.

The Sneaker cleaner is a trainer cleaning service that is dedicated to bringing your beloved shoes back to life so that you can savour them for countless years to come. Pop into our Chislehurst shop today and discuss how our designer shoe repair services can help you.

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