Expert and Luxury Trainer Cleaning

  • Expert and Luxury Trainer Cleaning   •   December 09, 2020

You might have learned that designer heels and handbags can be restored and cleaned, but were you also aware that luxury trainers can be restored back to life too?

If you’re searching for proficient sneaker restoration services, then The Sneaker Cleaner could be the business for you. We have the expertise and passion demanded to clean your luxury trainers to without flaw.

The Sneaker Cleaner


You might believe that your luxury trainers are doomed for the bin, but they could just require a thorough professional clean. Attempting to clean your designer trainers yourself can be a daunting experience and can actually cause more damage.

Trainer cleaning professionals understand how to navigate designer trainers and how to meticulously clean the uncommon materials.

We can conduct an out-and-out internal and external clean. The Sneaker Cleaner, we can also treat the trainers to deter dirt gathering in the future.

  • “hands-free’ delivery”

  • Protective Gloves Used

  • Immaculate Facility

For your confidence and reassurance, our immaculate facility at The Ironing Shop is run by a family team, and we adhere to the strictest standards of hygiene in every situation.

We have always taken the treatment of all goods with the utmost seriousness. In light of the current health concerns, we can confirm that a deep clean is a taking place at the beginning and end of each working day, and protective gloves are worn during every stage of the process.


Professional shoe cleaners have an eye for the all-important minute details. They will exercise every measure to ensure that your dirty trainers are left gleaming clean. Bespoke trainer designs with embroidery diamonte or sequins can be challenging to clean around. However, a professional trainer cleaner can apply advanced cleaning technologies to get into all the nooks, crannies and crevices.

We will additionally clean your shoelaces independently and even treat your shoes with a crisp fragrance designed to linger for longer.


Our trainer cleaning services continue beyond merely cleaning. The Sneaker Cleaners specialist team can repair any damaged designer trainers, whether it be on the exterior, or the sole. We can likewise restore trainers back to their past colour and vibrancy, even if they possess a bespoke design.
Luxury shoe cleaning should be a candid and straightforward process.

You can trust in the artisans at The Sneaker Cleaner to take meticulous care of your luxury trainers and nurture them back to perfection. Just send your trainers to us, and we’ll have a courier transport them back to you as soon as possible.

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