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We can clean duvets, curtains, clothes, pet beds and more… The Ironing Shop also offers a Blackheath duvet-cleaning service, because we recognise that washing duvets and bed linen can be a chore that you could do without.

The Ironing Shop is Family run business Les, Alex and The Team.
Don’t want to drag your duvet down to Blackheath high street? The Ironing Shops Blackheath duvet-cleaning collection & delivery service offers handy collection and deliveries from your home or workplace. We aspire to make it as simple as possible. Book a Blackheath collection today and get your duvets cleaned with comfort.
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Were you aware that duvets are the ideal place for bed bugs and dust mites to thrive? A double duvet can be bustling with as many as 30,000 of the crawly little blighters. Allergens created by dust mites can frequently cause allergic reactions and in some people, trigger asthma attacks and respiratory illnesses. Bacteria can infect wounds on your skin and can provoke conjunctivitis.

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Who’s The Best At Duvet Cleaning Near Me?

We are not ashamed to claim that we are the best at duvet cleaning. As the local area’s longest-standing laundry and ironing service, we have thrived for more than two decades. So you no longer have to wonder “who is the best at duvet cleaning near me”!

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Blackheath Domestic And Commercial Bed Linen Cleaning 

A current study reported that 70% of Duvet owners confess to never cleaning their Duvets. Experts suggest that Duvets should be cleaned at least every six months and every three months for children’s Duvets.

Regular duvet-cleaning is an effective means to ensure the allergens that are present are removed. The Ironing Shop’s Blackheath duvet-cleaning process will guarantee your duvets are sterilised and revived.

In houses where there are cats and dogs, duvets can very often be contaminated with dog and cat dander. Dander is saliva and skin cells, these are also prevalent allergens. The Ironing Shop duvet and bed linen cleaning process will abolish any dander present.

What does the service involve?

Does anyone not love the smell of fresh bed linen? Didn’t think so! Here at The Ironing Shop, duvets and bed linen are right up there in our most common items of to be cleaned.
We clean single duvets, double duvets and king size duvets, so no longer will you feel like a wrestler fighting with the door of your washing machines at home.

Duvets and more

As well as bed linen, we can also clean your duvets, pillows, cushions, bedspreads, mattress toppers, valances, mattress protectors and bed throws. It’s essential to keep these items clean and fresh, so why not leave them in our capable hands? You can book a Blackheath collection or drop into the shop, and 24 hours later they are ready to be returned back to your door.


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The service is excellent! A high standard of ironing with the added bonus of a pick up and deliver back service. Very competitive prices. It’s an absolute weight of my mind that my ironing is done for the family by The Ironing Shop. I couldn’t be without it. Would highly recommend!

Lisa Chapman

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How Clean Is Your Duvet?
One of life’s simple pleasures is climbing into freshly cleaned bed linen. Wouldn’t it be delightful to know your duvet is just as clean?
Experts now advise that your duvet and pillows are cleaned at least once every six months. Getting your duvet cleaned couldn’t be easier with The Ironing Shop.

Why choose The Ironing Shops Duvet and Ben Linen service?

We have an excellent reputation as experienced dry cleaners Blackheath and across the London borough of Bromley, due to our focus on customer happiness. With our duvet cleaning collection and delivery service, customers have the option of choosing the time slots that suit their schedules.

Specialist duvet-cleaning at The Ironing Shop provides profoundly effective sterilisation and elimination of allergens, leaving your duvet fresh and hygienically cleaned.
Your duvet will be delivered to you in packaging, that keeps your duvet clean and fresh until you’re set to use it.

And please remember, our specialist team can also look after your pillows, sleeping bags, mattress toppers, comforters, throws and bed linen.

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Our Story

The Ironing Shop is Family run business Les, Alex and The Team, use only commercial machinery to clean your duvets, for the best possible professional finish.

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Professional Blackheath Duvet Cleaning And Laundry Delivery Services

Versatile Blackheath duvet cleaning collection and delivery times mean you don’t have to get stressed with the rush hour to beat the traffic before closing time.

We Collect, Clean And Deliver Straight To Your Door !!!